Ring Membership

To qualify for membership, a person must ... have demonstrated  a sincere interest in magic, and must be sponsored by

two members of Ring 63..  He must also be a member of the International Brotherhood of Magic.

The ring membership is officially approved only after the candidate's name appears in the Linking Ring magazine.


Have your Name  listed in the Newsletter                       (newsletter  guy Lanny at 864-985-8611  )

                                                                                  (if you can not perform as announced, please inform )

Present  IBM application with Ring Dues             ( $25 reg. / $15 junior at initiation performance )

                    (or IBM membership info if member already)

Perform initiation     


 IBM membership   



If anyone needs a bit of help with an initiation, just ask. 

There are several members willing to help.  It may be

just a run through to practice a presentation or work on

effects for the beginner. 




Article II  (Objectives)


The objectives of the Ring are to bring together those interested in magic, both professional

and amateur, and to foster closer contact and understanding of the art among the members

by sharing the knowledge and techniques of magic.


Article III  (Membership)


Sec. 1  A.    ..... this commitment must be made after attending no more than two previous meetings

as a guest.